Enrollment can be done online or mailed in. If mailed in, complete the enrollment form entirely and return with payment to:
49157 Schoenherr Rd.
Shelby Township, MI 48315

One Enrollment form is required per student.
Students registering early will have first choice of the days and times available.
Studio will notify students ONLY if:
A. Class is already filled.
B. Incorrect classes were chosen.
C. Students enrolled in incorrect age groups.
D. Class has been cancelled or changed.
When selecting dance codes, remember to enroll in the correct age group.

Enroll by mail or at the studio
Please click the links below for enrollment form and information.
Fill out the form, you can mail in, deposit in drop box located outside the studio or turn into the studio with payment.

Enrollment brochure .... click here

Enrollment form .... click here

Enroll online with Credit Card
Student Information
First Name Required field.
Last Name Required field.
Male/Female Please select an item.
Age Required field.Invalid format.
Birthdate Required field.mm/dd/yyyy
Experience Required field.
Address Required field.
City Required field.
Zip 48XXX format requiredRequired field.
Home phone Required field.5861231234 format requiredUse all 0's if you do not have a home phone.
Cell phone 5861231234 format requiredRequired field.
email Required Field.
Dance Codes
Please use the boxes provided to enter your codes you wish to register for.
# classes 1st child 2nd child 3rd child
1 $67.00 $63.00 FREE
2 $123.00 $119.00 FREE
3 $175.00 $165.00 FREE
4 $219.00 $205.00 FREE
5 $254.00 $237.00 FREE
6 $272.00 $251.00 FREE
7 $290.00 $263.00 FREE
Unlimited $310.00 $270.00 FREE
Boys 1/2 off
See above charts
Credit Card Payment
Card Type   Please select an item.
Name on card   Required field.
Card Number   Required field. 1234123412341234 format.
Exp Date   Required field.mm/yyyy format.
CCV code   Required field.Numbers only.
Registration Fee $ 15.00 required.15.00 required.
SUMMER Tuition $ Required field.use 0 or 0.00 format.See tuition chart
Sub Total $ Required field.use 0 or 0.00 format.
3% Credit card fee $ Required field.use 0 or 0.00 format.
Total amount paid $ Required field.use 0 or 0.00 format.
All students, parents/guardian are aware of possible injury that may occur during any dance class, performances, rehearsals, competition or any other studio related activity and are willing to assume those risks. I hereby release Tina Marie School of Dance, the owner, directors, staff and employees responsible for any damages or liabilities due to injury, accident, or property loss during or resulting from my child's participation in any function or activity through Tina Marie School of Dance. Tina Marie School of Dance has permission to use my child’s photographs, images &/or video recordings on the Tina Marie School of Dance website, social media and in its publications.
By submitting this form you have have read all the information above and agree.    
      Input boxes highlighted in pink require information or corrections.